Do Groton Residents Want Marijuana Retail Shops In Town?

On November 8, 2016, I voted yes on question #4.  I cast my voted to legalize Marijuana in MA along with the majority of Groton voters in our town.  Now that it has been legalized, I believe the voters of Groton have the right to decide how we want to move forward.  Over 100 communities are now taking action and establishing their own local restrictions.

The ballot is unequivocally the only way to clarify how our community as a whole wants to proceed, I am asking our Board of Selectmen to provide us with that chance by way of a ballot question. I am asking for a question to allow all voters to clarify if they want to allow or ban retail Marijuana shops from opening in our town.  For that reason, I created a petition to formally and collectively request this of our Board of Selectmen, please consider endorsing my petition.

Please note that this petition does not force the Board of Selectmen to do anything, that is not my intent.  My intent is to share with the Board of Selectmen the want for due process to better serve the community as a whole.  It is no surprise that I am opposed to retail Marijuana Shops in our town, I believe the associated risk outweigh the limited economic benefit our town may receive. Beyond being opposed to retail Marijuana shops, I am a strong advocate for the right to vote and for our elected officials to serve our community as a whole.
A ballot question allows our elected officials to acknowledge the will of the entire community and to better serve us.   “A man without a vote is a man without protection”.