What? Future GDRSD Budgets may decrease?

There is a Groton Herald article titled: “School Cost-Cutting Measures Include Charging Some For Bus Service” that I believe had an error in the reporting. I had requested that the Groton Herald correct the error, their response was “The sentence is accurate and proper English.  A reduction in the expense line will result in decreases to the budget.  The superintendent may choose to add additional expenses to the budget to consume those savings but whether or not that happens is in the far distant future I suspect. Assuming it will happen is speculation.”
With that said, on behalf of the administration and the SC, I now am clarifying that error for the community. 
Article Read: “Groton Dunstable Superintendent Laura Chesson and Business Manager Michael Knight reported on their efforts to realize some $100,000-$500,000 in savings potential called out in the school operations audit draft report. At this point, their work is mostly investigative, but eventually, the two will recommend operational changes to the school committee which could lead to slight reductions in the district budget in upcoming years.”
I would ask community members to watch the video with the time stamp below for further clarification as our Supt. clearly, states that “cost savings would be taken and funneled back to into the teaching and learning and will not be subtracted from the bottom line of the budget“. She also went on to explain what are some of the items the money would be reallocated to as well.       
It is important to understand that taxpayers will NOT see a slight reduction in the District Budget in upcoming years. The SC has been straightforward with our intentions and this is the message we have been sharing with the community and peer boards. Our end game has not changed.  Some of the needs in our District will be met through the reallocation of funds within our current budget. Remaining and future District needs would be funded through an increase in the district budget in upcoming years.
Presentation Slide 1 from the Fall Town Meeting night #1 – “All cost savings will be reallocated to areas of need in our District”