Students & Seniors Need Our Support

Dear Groton Voters

As the Chair of the School Committee I am pleased to announce that on September 20, 2017, the Groton-Dunstable School Committee voted to officially support Article 7 Senior Center Design for the Groton Fall Town Meeting.

During this discussion, each School Committee Member individually expressed a variety of reasons why they support our seniors and how valuable they are to our community.  Please allow me to express why I brought this discussion forth to the School Committee for consideration.

We live in a world with an increasing number of families now living in multigenerational households and with grandparents younger than ever. There are many benefits that can be found in bridging the gap between seniors and students.

Our seniors are a direct connection to our town history and family heritage. They have the ability to bring our country’s rich history back to life through stories and experiences. The evidence can be found in the face of a wide-eyed student as they listen to senior share stories about historic moments such as World War II, The Holocaust or the death of John F. Kennedy; there is no book on this earth that can compare with the interactive educational experience our students receive from our seniors. Our students have the ability to energize seniors through the teaching of new digital skills, providing new experiences that promote a sense of new purpose that can reduce the isolation of demographics.

Both our students and seniors need your support; our community need not be divided. I urge Groton voters to come together on October 23, 2017, and support both our seniors and students as it is in the best interest of our town as a whole.  Join me in voting YES on Article 7, 8 and 9.


Marlena Gilbert