SC Workshop August 23, 2017

This blog post is my interpretation and summary of discussions from meetings that I attend and are not official minutes.

In attendance was Supt. Dr. Laura Chesson and School Committee Members – Marlena Gilbert, Angela Donahue, Peter Cronin, Jennifer McKenzie, Ryan McLane and Brian LeBlanc.

  • Subcommittees
    • The following policies were approved at their 2nd reading and will be sent to MASC to be uploaded to our website
      • KHA – Advertising & Public Solicitation In The Schools
      • EFCD – Meal Charge Policy
  • Liaison Reports
    • SC Liaison met with the Groton COA this week.  The Groton COA was equally excited about the new found partnership with our District.  The Groton COA is currently meeting with the HS & MS Principals to establish various offerings for students and seniors to support each other and enjoy the many assets that each generation can offer each other.  The PTA President has also met with Groton COA and they are planning to have the Groton COA van at the Trunk or Treat Event to give out candy to the kids as well as participate in the craft fair and participate as pen pals.
    • Superintendent has reached out to the Dunstable COA to offer the same partnership and we look forward to bridging the gap between our seniors and students in both towns.
    • Marlena Gilbert as the Groton COA Liaison asked the SC to consider supporting the Groton COA’s warrant article for the design of renovation/rebuild of the senior center at Fall Town Meeting. Expressed that it was in the best interest of our seniors as well as our youth that could possibly be participating at events at the senior center through our new found partnership. The committee seemed responsive and will formally discuss this on an upcoming agenda.
  • School Committee Goals FY17-18 – SC approved our goals for the upcoming school year.
  • FY19 Budget Priorities & Guidance to Superintendent – More discussions took place on what the Budget priority guidance should be this year.  The SC will continue to discuss this through September and plans on approving the guidance by September 20, 2017.
  • GDRSD Warrant Articles Fall Town Meeting
    • Groton Fall Town Meeting – The SC voted to present one warrant article at Groton Fall Town Meeting. It is for the replacement of the District Wide Phone System & Internet Infrastructure. The network is used for almost all assignments and testing. Many of the software requirements include taking MCAS via computer are mandated by the state. Currently the bandwidth is the most significant impediment (i.e. bottleneck); there are times when the performance is impacted and not steady. In addition to being an academic necessity there are safety concerns as our District does not have caller ID.  Without caller ID our District remains in a vulnerable position of not being able to determine where or what type of call is coming into the district making prosecution difficult in the event of a threat. This vulnerability was identified when our District received a Robo Call bomb threat a couple of years ago. Caller ID could prove to be critical for investigative purposes. Replacing the network infrastructure is a necessity as it is both an educational and safety concern for our district.
    • Dunstable Fall Town Meeting – Although there was general consensus to also present the warrant article at Dunstable Fall Town Meeting there was limited time to finish our discussions. Since the Dunstable warrant does not close until after September the SC will discuss this at our upcoming meeting and are expected to vote at that time.
  • Executive Session – SC entered into executive session upon voting to adjourn regular session to discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining.