SC Cliff Notes – May 31, 2017

This blog post is my personal interpretation and summary of discussions from meetings that I attend and are not official minutes.

In attendance as SC Members Jeff Kubick, Marlena Gilbert, Jennifer McKenzie, Angela Donahue, Peter Cronin, Ryan McLane and Brian LeBlanc, Asst. Supt., Dr. Katie Novak, Interim Supt., Bill Ryan, Director Business & Finance, Michael Knight and Interim Director Business & Finance, Frank Antonelli.

  • Annual Appointment Of SC Officers –  Each year the SC has an annual reorganization where they appoint a new Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.  Joining the SC from the May elections are two new members. We welcome Brian Leblanc (Groton) and Ryan McLane (Dunstable) to our team.
    • Marlena Gilbert, School Committee Chair
    • Jennifer McKenzie, School Committee Vice Chair
    • Brian LeBlanc, Secretary
  • Appointment of Subcommittees & Liaisons – The SC members discussed eliminating the Budget & Finance Subcommittee to cut down on meetings where the entire SC has the responsibility of approving the school budget.  Some felt that having the Budget & Finance was beneficial including Frank Antonelli and Michael Knight.  To address some of the concerns of some SC there was consensus to try to schedule Budget & Finance meetings for times/days that the entire SC are able to attend more frequently.  In addition to maintaining current Subcommittees there was an interest in establishing a Curriculum Instruction Assessment & Accountability (CIAA) Subcommittee.  Arlington Public Schools have this subcommittee as it oversees various topics under the SC purview. This will be piloted with some guidance from incoming Supt. Laura Chesson as she has direct experience with this type of Subcommittee before it is memorialized in GD policy.
    • Budget & Finance Subcommittee Appointed by the SC – Marlena Gilbert, Jeff Kubick, and Jennifer McKenzie    
    • Policy Subcommittee & Personnel & Finance Subcommittees – The Chair will assign and the SC will appoint members at the June 7, 2017 meeting. 
    • Liaison Assignments – The Chair will assigned at June 7, 2017 meeting. 
  • GDEF – Beth O’Brien provided the SC with an overview of grant funds issued to each school. 
  • High School User Fees – There will be no change in user fees after review of the data collected from the Business & Finance office, however there will be some buttoning up in three areas to increase efficiency.   Click Here – Memo Club Fees Summary Report
    • We should make sure that club advisors are clear on the fee collection process and that they have responsibility for collection and verifying all club members have paid their fees.
    • We need to meet with the principal and verify that all the clubs that are running have sufficient membership to justify running them.
    • Work with the high school principal to put a process in place for adding a club.
  • Policy – there were a number of policies that are being reviewed to make sure they are up to date with MGL and MASC best practices.  The approved policies will be updated to the District website by MASC. All updated policies from the first readings will be brought back to the entire SC for a second reading prior to being voted on for approval. 
    • First readings – BDB, BDE, DGA, DI, DIE, DJ, DJA, ECA, EEA, DJE, DD
    • Second readings – voted on and unanimously approved are GCBC, IK, JKAA

Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm to enter inter executive session to discuss Unit A, Unit C, Unit D, Custodians, Maintenance and Cafeteria contract negotiations and not return to regular session.