We have a new SC chair – Jeff Kubick, Asst chair – Jon Sjoberg and the secretary is Alison Manugian.
I think having a new SC chair each year is a great idea as it allows other SC members to gain confidence in their positions, bring a fresh perspective and gives veteran members a break from the gavel.
The slide projector was not operational so the Professional Development presentation (Dr. Novak) was provided verbally, however the visual presentation will be available on the GDRSD website soon.
Dr. Novak’s presentation was delivered in a modest manner and although was very detailed it was easy to comprehend without the visual portion.  The PD presentation summarized the changes made in PD after the review of the teacher survey that provided feed back on what they feel is needed to better PD. A PD Committee was formed and established changes in a four key areas which resulted in exceeding the bench mark established for this year. Although significant progress was made from last year, administration will not be “happy” with where we are until we are at 80% (although it would be great to have 100%). The future plans are to expand on their current progress, as well as investigate possible strategies that have been proven successful in other districts. I felt that the strategies set forth by the PD Committee were inventive, empowering for teachers and cost-effective. They established a book club; books were purchased from feed back on subjects and teachers could read and share their reflections and the teachers could then use what they learned to engage children. Summer graduate courses are offered in-house through Fitchburg State, RFP from teachers for courses were received well with good attendance at each course and a PD brochure is in progress so that all the information on courses can be provided in one place for teachers and the community to preview the offerings were just a few.
The Superintendent reports on the strategy development and commented on all the hard work provided by all participants. We can expect more information on the strategic plan by the end of June with discussions on what is needed to fund the plan will be discussed in the fall.  I was hoping for an update on the status of the new MS Principal but no news was provided at the SC meeting. 
Budget & Finance will be expecting a Transportation Fund Presentation from the Business Manager and we are currently staying within our budget.
A vote to have a third party review the Regional Agreement with the total cost of 30K was voted on and approved last night with understanding that the expense would be broken down in three portions – 10K GDRSD, 10K town of Groton & 10K town of Dunstable.  GDRSD voted to allocate those funds for this expense and Dunstable & Groton will vote on their portions as well. Should the town of Dunstable or Groton not approve the 10K towards this expense the SC would have to revisit alternative options, however both Groton & Dunstable seem to be for the third-party review so that situation is not expected.
Our new chair – Jeff Kubick brought forth new business in the form of an advisory committee that would be responsible increasing community engagement and collaboration.  This long over due and is needed to move our schools forward. It was discussed as new business tonight and is expected to be on the agenda for the next SC meeting to be voted upon so if your interested in being on the committee contact Jeff Kubick at jkubick@gdrsd.org
Meeting was adjourned roughly at 9pm